After A Week From Kickoff

On January 6 the Pike RoboDevils Team 1018 kicked off the season for the 2024 First Robotics Competition. The name of the game for 2024 is “CRESCENDO presented by Haas” and uses an analogy of sound and music in the game design. There are Notes, Speakers, Amps, and Microphones on the game field. Learn more about the game from this kickoff video

After one week, Team 1018 has organized into several groups: promoting and funding the team, designing a robot (Computer Aided Design), building a robot (aka mechatronics), programing the robot, and keeping the team safe while building/playing game.

The team also selected the team leads, with Captain Zoe S., Mechatronics lead Raphael G., programming lead Cameron B., business lead Allison O., and safety captain Max K.

The first competition is March 15 to 17 in Columbus, Indiana and the second competition is March 22 – 24 in Plainfield, Indiana. This means the team has to have a functioning robot ready to compete in about 50 days!