What does a robot driver team do?

The First Robotics Competition robots have traditionally had two modes of operation during a competition match.

The first mode, called “autonomous”, is when the robot operates by itself under predertimed software to gain some early points in a match. For example, for 2023, the robot could gain points when it moved forward passed a specific line or picked up and deposited game pieces in the goal area.

The second mode, called “teleoperation” (or “teleop” for short), is when a team of 3 people takes control of the robot with X-Box controllers to drive the robot around the field.

Why are their 3 people? One of the team members guides (drives) the robot around the field where needed. The other person controls the arm, LED lights, and the claw. The third team member is across the field in a game piece delivery station, using hand signals to communicate with the drivers. The team works together to get the robot around the field, picking up game pieces ,and placing them in goal locations for points.

Learning how to drive robots
Learning how to drive robots